Sig Sauer P365® Trigger Kit

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Product Overview

This trigger kit is designed for use with the stock internals and stock trigger of the P365® to maintain full safety and reliability and is compatible with all P365 variants (P365, P365 X, P365 XL, P365 SAS, P365-380, P365-XMACRO including manual safety variants). Included in this kit is everything necessary to tune all key aspects of trigger performance: pretravel (distance from start to wall), sear engagement (wall/break feel and wall to break/reset distance), overtravel (amount of extra travel after the break), and pull weight. In line with the P365 design, this kit is modular and each aspect can be addressed independently to achieve desired results. Using all parts provided in this kit, pull weight is reduced to 3.5 to 4# after break-in, total travel is reduced by half, pretravel is light and smooth into a hard defined wall, and wall to break/reset distance is reduced by less than half compared to the stock trigger producing unparalleled performance and feel. See video below for trigger performance overview.

This kit includes a pretravel stop with optional OEM modified slide cap for pretravel reduction, our patent pending Sear Control Springs for sear engagement adjustment, an overtravel stop to minimize overtravel, and a reduced power striker safety spring for pull weight reduction and lighter, smoother pretravel. A modified OEM manual safety lever is also available to provide compatibility when using this kit with manual safety models. The stainless steel pretravel stop is set to provide to maximum allowable pretravel reduction while maintaining full striker safety margin. The optional OEM modified slide cap allows for slide installation and removal without need for slide cap removal when using the pretravel stop. The user desired wall/break feel can be achieved by installing 1 of the 3 provided Sear Control Springs. The stainless steel overtravel stop comes fixed to reduce overtravel to a minimum while maintaining full reliability margins. The overtravel stop can also be permanently adjusted to provide increased overtravel as needed for the unique tolerances of your gun. This complete kit can be installed and margin checked for safety and reliability in as little as 5 min by a knowledgeable gunsmith. See installation video below for detailed installation and margin inspection procedures. For best break feel also consider purchasing our P365 OEM polished striker and/or polishing kit (listed seperately).

In stock and ships within 1 to 2 business days. Installation service is also available for $75 plus shipping costs through a local FFL that we have trained and certifed. Installation service is purchased independant of the website and a kit can also be purchased at the same time if preffered. Turn around time for installation is 3 to 5 business days once recieved. Contact us via email at to set up an installation.

Disclaimer: This kit should be installed by a certified and knowledgeable gunsmith. Due to tolerance variations between guns, safety and reliability margins should be inspected during installation and periodically thereafter during maintenance. Striker safety margin should be inspected to verify greater than 1/8 inch pretravel is present before the striker safety is defeated. Engagement of the sear to striker should be inspected to verify greater than full coverage of the sear interfacing surface. Although it is unlikely one or more Sear Control Springs provided in this kit will result in less than full sear coverage, a Sear Control Spring that provides greater than full coverage should be used in order to maintain full reliability. Tactical Trigger, LLC assumes no liability for installation or use of this product. 

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Short install video:


Detailed installation video:

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the sear control spring?
The sear control spring is our patented part. A stock P365 does not have a sear control spring. The sear control spring does not function as a spring when installed in the system. It acts like a tube or spacer over the safety lever pin to effectively increase the thickness of the safety lever pin. The safety lever pin is also the stop point for the ride height of the sear, so by increasing its thickness, the sear ride height is lowered which reduces the amount of sear to striker engagement. Reducing this engagement reduces the amount of travel from the wall to break which contributes to eliminating what is often reffered to as "creep" or "sponge" in the break. The sear control spring also reduces reset distance.
How does this kit compare to a $20 spring kit from other companies?
Our kit is not directly comparable to a $20 spring kit which is comprised of a reduced power striker spring, reduced power striker safety spring, and reduced power sear spring except with regard to pull weight. First, we would never recommend a reduced power striker spring as it will degrade primer strike reliability. Next, a sear spring is the most difficult part to install on the P365 platform and the amount of pull weight reduction that can be achieved with a reduced power sear spring isn't much given the balance of allowable reduction while maintaining proper function. Both our kit and theirs include a reduced power striker safety spring for pull weight reduction. Their spring is music wire and ours is stainless steel. Using our reduced power striker safety spring alone typically provides as much pull weight reduction as using all 3 springs from the $20 kit without degrading primer striker reliabilty and maintaining proper striker safety function. Our reduced power striker safety spring is available for purchase alone on the website for $10. In a direct value comparison, our reduced power striker safety spring is half the cost, easier to install, doesn't degrade reliability, and provides the same pull weight reduction benifits. So if all you might be intersted in is pull weight reduction, you might consider purchasing just our reduced power striker safety spring.
The rest of our kit provides travel reduction benefits which a $20 spring kit cannot achieve which is why they aren't directly comparable. The pretravel stop reduces the amount of pretravel i.e. brings the starting postion of the trigger further back. The sear control spring is our patented part and isn't acting as a spring. It acts more like a tube or spacer to adjust the ride height of the sear which directly reduces the amount of travel from the wall to break which contributes to eliminating what is often reffered to as "creep" or "sponge" in the break. The sear control spring also reduces reset distance. The overtravel stop is used to eliminate any excess trigger movement after the break which also shortens the reset distance. These travel reduction solutions are the majority of what you are purchasing with our kit and provide best possible performance from a striker fired gun while maintaining full safety and reliability margins.
Is your kit compatible with other aftermarket triggers?
Yes, the kit is compatible with other aftermarket triggers. The pretravel and/or overtravel stop may require adjustment depending on the trigger and tolerances of the gun. Some triggers may have a pretravel or overtravel set screw. You can either use the set screw or our stop. Set screws can walk even with blue loctite so some may prefer our stops to set screws. Some aftermarket triggers have different geometry than the stock triggers and may have different levels of pretravel reduction achievable with our pretravel stop. 
Another consideration with an aftermarket trigger is length of pull i.e. where the wall sits as the trigger is staged. Some aftermarket triggers have geometry changes that change the starting position of the trigger and in turn reduce the length of pull (move the wall further back towards the rear of the frame). On such a small gun reducing length of pull further is usually not desirable for most shooters. When we have compared the stock curved or flat trigger upgraded with our kit to aftermarket triggers with reduced length of pull also equivalently upgraded with our kit, most shooters have greatly prefered the stock trigger from this aspect. 
If you have additional questions about a particular aftermarket trigger, you can reach out to us for more information.   


(26 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    P365 Tactical Trigger

    Posted by Mike B on 22nd Apr 2023

    WOW, if I could give this trigger upgrade 10 stars I would, The difference between stock and this is absolutely amazing. Best upgrade yet !!

  • 5
    P365 Trigger Kit

    Posted by Yoshi on 29th Mar 2023

    Definitely cleans up the trigger, reduce take up, reduce the amount of creep, a more clean & crisp trigger at the end. Run TT kits in my P320s & P365s!

  • 5
    P365 Trigger Kit

    Posted by Landon on 4th Mar 2023

    I bought this in conjection with the polished striker. Best trigger pull out of all the pistols I own. Short, light, and crisp. I love it and so does my wife.

  • 5

    Posted by Kevin Belcher on 21st Feb 2023

    Awesome trigger kit! My XL/Macro hybrid now has a trigger that’s very close to a 1911. So glad I was able to tune it to the tolerances of my particular pistol. I would like to be crystal clear to those like me who were wondering how the sear engagement spring installs; it functions like a spacer sleeve that installs by sliding the safety lever pin through the spring. So, the coils are oriented horizontally and not vertically. It took a while to figure out the mechanics of it and the 2 installation videos Tactical Trigger LLC has doesn’t explain that very well and doesn’t show up on camera. They just say “it installs OVER the safety lever pin”. I took that as it installed vertically using the pin as a seat and the notch on the bottom of the sear as the anchor point. Not so lol. I’m truly in love with this trigger kit. I already have several people that are going to purchase one after getting to feel how mine operates. Outstanding job Tactical Trigger LLC. Do me a huge favor and take a very detailed pic of the sear engagement spring already installed on one and post it with the rest of the trigger kit content pics so people don’t get confused.

  • 5
    p365 trigger kit

    Posted by Merlin on 17th Feb 2023

    Just received my trigger kit about an hour ago installed it in about 15min had to take off 1 layer for overtravel but everything works great. Just wanted to compliment you on a great and easy product.

  • 5
    P365 trigger kit

    Posted by David Giglia on 8th Dec 2022

    I've been shooting striker fired pistols for years. I have had many and the only thing that I've never liked is their trigger. That spongy rolling release of the striker is pretty consistent in all striker fired guns (SFG's) some worse then others. I just bought a new sig Sauer pistol and although the trigger was one of the better ones It still had that spongy multiple wall trigger. Enter the Tactical trigger. Bought it, installed it and I now have a trigger that is as close to a 1911 trigger as I have ever experienced. Guys I'm telling you It is AMAZING. If you have a typical SF trigger get this Kit. You will not be disappointed. Customer service is the best.If you have any problems installing it just call the number on the WEB site. You will speak directly to the guy who designed and created this kit. He knows his stuff and will walk you through getting it installed. Best striker fired trigger you'll ever have!

  • 5
    P365 trigger

    Posted by Lance on 6th Dec 2022

    Exactly what I was looking for. Cleaned up the trigger pull dramatically! After install on my new XL, never shot, I was getting a bit of a rolling break. After polishing the striker, the break is now perfect with no perceivable roll.

  • 5
    p365 trigger kit

    Posted by Dave on 6th Dec 2022

    Installation easier than expected. Best striker fired trigger I've ever felt!

  • 5
    well exceeded expectation

    Posted by CZ on 19th Nov 2022

    stock p365 trigger is an atrocity. very long pre travel, to the extend the trigger shoe is too close to the fron trigger guard and my finger tip hits the trigger shoe when trying go from the side of the weapon onto the trigger. no wall, have to over come a continuous pull that s mushy and gritty at the same time. then lot of over travel. measured to about 5.75lb. Installed this kit. OMG. more space between front of trigger guard to the trigger shoe so smooth transition from finger on the side to on the trigger. there are now clearly defined 2 stages, 3.5lb to the wall, another 2 to break. I peeled off 1 layer on the post travel limiter. I installed the reduced striker safety spring on one slide, it measures 2.3lb to the wall. Only gripes is the install instruction video did not say the sear engage spring goes in horizontal and loops around the safety lever pin. scrolled through the comments under the video to find that out. Was not able to blind install the safety lever back. Had to remove the trigger bar spring so the trigger bar moves out of the way, then remove the disconnector to expose the hole on the other side which sounds like more steps but was for me much faster than fiddling with it blindly and a good learning experience. all in all fantastic, thank you!