Trigger Configurations and Pull Weights for Glock Pistols

Our trigger kits ship with a 6 lb trigger spring and reduced power safety plunger spring. We believe this spring combination to be the best overall balance of all performance aspects for most shooters. The following table shows how you can configure each connector option using the OEM springs from your factory trigger to achieve a different pull weight. Pull weight isn't the only thing to consider. The pre-travel weight to where the trigger hits the wall and travel distance plays an important role in how you interface to the trigger as well. 

  Trigger Spring Safety Plunger Spring Pre-travel Weight Pull Weight Travel
wall to break
Minus Connector 6 lb reduced 2 lb 3.5 lb 1/8 inch
6 lb OEM 2.25 lb 4 lb
OEM reduced 2.5 lb 4 lb
OEM OEM 2.5 lb 4.5 lb
Dot Connector 6 lb reduced 2 lb 4 lb 1/8 inch
6 lb OEM 2.25 lb 4.5 lb
OEM reduced 2.5 lb 4.5 lb
OEM OEM 2.5 lb 5 lb
Standard Connector 6 lb reduced 2 lb 4.5 lb 1/16 inch
6 lb OEM 2.25 lb 5 lb
OEM reduced 2.5 lb 5 lb
OEM OEM 2.5 lb 5.5 lb

One thing to note not listed in the table is that each connector option has essentially the same overall travel from pre-travel to break. This means that the standard connector has a wall slightly further back than the others (i.e. more pre-travel). Another aspect not depicted in the table is the OEM trigger spring provides a more forceful reset that could potentially result in trigger slap for some shooters. Although, this gives you a lot to look at from a technical standpoint, you might want to consider purchasing additional connectors if you are unsure of what would work best for you. The weights listed in the table should be within 0.5 lb depending on your gun.

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