About Us

We are a small business located and operating in Utah. We are committed to providing safe, reliable, and unprecedented trigger performance for duty, self-defense, and competition shooters. After sampling and working on about every trigger available on the market for Glock pistols, we determined something had been missing. We developed the grail pin concept (now alternatively implemented in our enhanced minus connector) to provide performance that has never been seen in Glock triggers.

In the process of bringing this concept to market, we discovered there is a problem in the aftermarket trigger world for Glocks. Many aftermarket triggers compromise one or more of the Glock safeties making them unsuitable for duty or CCW use. The tolerances of the Glock parts make it challenging to ensure all safeties are functional with aftermarket triggers. Safeties can be compromised by design or based on tolerance of individual guns. We have developed a proprietary adjustment process to avoid these issues and provide safety checks for your gunsmith to verify on install.

In the future, we expect to apply our concepts to other guns to offer additional products and services.