• Do your triggers for Glocks violate internal safeties?
No, our triggers are fit as a set of components to properly utilize all 3 Glock safeties. Safety check instructions and videos are available on this website to check to ensure all safeties are functional. In the event your trigger does not pass a safety check contact us and we will provide adjustment free of charge.

  • Can your triggers for Glocks cause light primer strikes?  
No, our triggers are designed to provide OEM primer strike reliability. We recommend using the OEM firing pin spring to ensure consistent primer strike reliability. Reduced over travel can cause firing pin safety plunger interference which can result in light primer strikes if not properly adjusted. Our trigger sets are adjusted before shipping to avoid firing pin safety interference with the reduced over travel. During installation a "rattle test" is performed to ensure no firing pin interference. In the event that minimal over travel cannot be achieved in your gun due to firing pin safety interference you are welcome to contact us to provide adjustment to allow for minimum possible travel free of charge.

  • What is the grail pin?
The grail pin is a concept conceived and developed by Tactical Trigger, LLC to precisely control trigger bar engagement with the firing pin and is within the constraints of the Glock Armorer's Manual to ensure safe and reliable operation without compromise. It is called the grail pin because it is installed on the trigger housing and interfaces with the trigger bar near the cruciform and is claimed to be the "holy grail" for Glock triggers. The grail pin is fit to the housing, trigger bar, and connector as a matched set. The benefits of the grail pin are elimination of stacking into the wall, an extremely crisp break, and shortest possible travel reduction in break and reset when using an over travel stop. The grail pin concept has been demonstrated through extensive testing and failure analysis.  

  • What pull weight do you recommend for CCW?

The correct answer is whatever will work best for you and what you are most proficient with. Proper trigger control is a must regardless of trigger weight and you should seek training and continually practice safe trigger control. Personally, I carry a 4.5# trigger but I like the feel our 3.5# trigger better. I am not the greatest shooter in the world but I feel like I shoot more accurately at speed with 4.5# in stress induced situations. I'm not sure why that is and others I have worked with are different. Most people select the 3.5# option. Each option we offer can be adjusted up by 1#, see our configurations page for more detail.