Enhanced Trigger kit for Glock Pistols

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Product Overview

This trigger kit is designed for use with the stock internals of the Glock pistol to maintain full safety and reliability and is compatible with all Glock pistol variants (17, 19, 34, 20, 21, 22, 23, 19x, 44, 45, etc) except for single stack models (42, 43, 43X, 48). This kit can be used with the stock polymer trigger and is also compatible with aftermarket trigger shoes using the OEM trigger bar and housing. Included in this kit is everything necessary to tune key aspects of trigger performance. Each part in this kit can be used independently or in combinations to achieve desired results. Using all parts provided in this kit, pull weight is reduced to 3.5 to 4#, pretravel is light and smooth into a hard defined wall, and wall to break/reset distance is reduced compared to the stock trigger producing unparalleled performance and feel.

This kit includes 4 parts (1 optional). Each of these parts independently adjust key aspects of trigger performance and have been designed to be used together to quickly install and achieve what we have found to be preferred by most defensive shooters. Each part can also be used independently to achieve desired results. These parts are:

Enhanced Minus Connector: This replaces the stock part and includes our patent pending trigger bar alignment tab to eliminate stacking into the wall. This connector is pre-adjusted for tension and trigger bar alignment. Additional adjustment is usually not necessary but can be performed if needed for the unique tolerances of the gun and the parts being used. This minus connector allows for selectable pull weight range between 3.5 to 4.5# when using a stock firing pin spring and combinations of the our increased power trigger spring, reduced power safety plunger spring, and stock springs.

Overtravel Stops: Two stainless steel overtravel stops are provided from which one can be selected to minimize overtravel for the unique tolerances of the gun and parts being used.  Overtravel is set by selecting the overtravel stop that still provides a clean break when pushing the rear of the slide into the frame.

Reduced Power Safety Plunger Spring: This part can be used in place of the stock safety plunger spring to reduce pull weight and also provide smoother, lighter pretravel without compromise to safety or primer strike reliability.

Increased Power Trigger Spring (Gen 1-4): This part can be used in place of the stock trigger spring to reduce pull weight and also provide lighter pretravel without compromise to safety or primer strike reliability.    

This complete kit can be installed and margin checked for safety and reliability in as little as 5 min by a knowledgeable gunsmith. See installation video below for detailed installation and margin inspection procedures. To help with the installation process, consider also purchasing an armorer's tool kit available here on our website. 

In stock and ships within 1 to 2 business days. 

Disclaimer: This kit should be installed by a certified and knowledgeable gunsmith. Due to tolerance variations between guns, safety and reliability margins should be inspected during installation and periodically thereafter during maintenance. Proper trigger safety function should be verified after installation.  Engagement of the trigger bar to firing pin should be inspected to verify greater than 2/3 coverage of the trigger bar interfacing surface. Although it is unlikely that installation of the parts in this kit will result in inadequate margins, a parts configuration should be used or adjustments should be performed to achieve necessary margins. Tactical Trigger, LLC assumes no liability for installation or use of this product.

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