Custom Glock® Trigger Work Service

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Product Overview

Send us your aftermarket or stock trigger parts for upgrade (trigger shoe, bar, connector, and housing). Typical upgrade cost is $100 using your parts (Send in a trigger shoe at minimum). We can also provide parts if needed but we currently only have connectors in stock. 

The upgrade service ensures all safety and reliability margins are met (many aftermarket triggers violate or compromise one or more safeties by design or based on tolerances of some guns, see the safety checks page for help in assessing your trigger). The standard service includes: installation of a grail pin in the trigger housing with fitting to the trigger bar, tuning and targeted polishing of the trigger bar for safety and reliability (including firing pin safety margin adjustment), modification of the connector for reset profile and tension adjustment for performance and reliability, and installation of an over travel set screw. The over travel set screw can be installed either in the trigger shoe (ideal method) or in the housing. Options for no over travel reduction or fixed over travel reduction are also available if preferred. A 6lb trigger spring and reduced power firing pin spring are provided for configuration options (see the configurations page for more details). Pre-travel will be set to the minimum allowable for the trigger shoe (unless requested otherwise).

The trigger will be returned in a drop-in ready configuration at the desired pull weight ready for your gunsmith to install. Installation and safety checks are provided with the kit. Typical installation is 5 to 10 minutes. Check out the install and safety check page to get an idea of what to expect.

Trigger upgrade work is available for 9mm and 40S&W all models and generations including Timberwolf and Polymer 80 frames, .357, .380, and 45ACP, 10mm, and 45GAP for all models and generations.  

You can either purchase the upgrade service here and send in your trigger or send in your trigger for assessment. If parts are sent in without paying, we will contact you via email or other preffered means with what options to use when checking out here. When sending in your trigger, please provide your email address and a note explaining what you are looking to achieve. Once payment and your trigger is received, triggers are turned around within the time frame listed below.

Pull weight options are available from 5.5 lbs down to 3.5 lbs using your OEM firing pin spring. The connector will set the min achievable pull weight and is configurable up a full pound using combinations of your OEM trigger and safety plunger springs versus the provided upgraded springs (see configurations page for more details). Your trigger will be sent in the lowest pull weight drop-in configuration for the connector being used unless otherwise specified. Additional connector options can be provided either by sending in additional connectors or purchasing them from us at cost. 

Send your parts to:

Tactical Trigger 
665 South 100 East
Mantua, UT 84324

Note: Some trigger shoes only have the option for over travel set screw install in the trigger housing. Modification of an aftermarket trigger shoe or trigger bar may void the manufacturer's warranty. Trigger work is available for almost every trigger commonly available. We will not perform work that compromises safety. If the trigger you are interested in upgrading does not stay on the drop safety shelf with the trigger safety engaged, we will not provide the upgrade service. 

Current turnaround time for trigger upgrades is 1 to 2 business days. 


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    Custom trigger work

    Posted by Leo Munoz on 8th Nov 2021

    Super quick turn around time for my trigger work. I sent in a Ranger Proof trigger shoe with my trigger assembly for my Glock 48 that was pulling at 4 pounds after changing the plunger spring and polishing the internals. When I got it back from Kent he reduced to 3-3.5 lbs and reduced half the travel to the break and reset. With this shoe in particular it doesn’t have any take up or slack so the trigger is always at the wall and he made the trigger even better and crisper. I’m extremely satisfied with the results.